Roy Albert Summers (D)

Lee Allen Casner (D)

Mollie Ann Casner (D)

Juanita Estes Iwakiri

Michael Gene Iwakiri


Dwight Lee Summers 


Barbara Estes Dudley


Robert James Casner (D)


Ruby Whisenhunt Lamb


Fay Louise Estes Downing


Nikki Kouretas


Ernest Estes


Robert Aldridge / Attorney


Vivian Estes Casner Tanouye Tobey Bagge


Shirlene Summers Beer Bley Kouretas Mollica Thomas 

(aka: Shene Kouretas)


Karen Ann Summers Carino Mastin 






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 The Wise Murder and Kidnapping - Quick Facts


  • On March 30, 1977 Beverly Wise was murdered in her home by Roy Albert Summers in the Del Rosa section of San Bernardino, CA


  • Two of her three daughters were kidnapped (Tiffani Wise and Brandi Summers) in what was thought to be an attempt to stop them from identifying Summers as the murderer


  • Stacy Wise, just 8 months old, was left behind unharmed


  • (8) persons in all were charged with crimes related to the Wise murder and kidnappings


  • More than 15 persons have reported seeing the girls in the care of Lee and Mollie Casner, Mike and Juanita Iwakiri, Roy Summers, Karen Summers Carino Mastin, Shirlene Summers Bley Beer Kouretas and at various other locations in Idaho, Nevada and CA


  • The San Bernardino police department mis-managed the case to such an extent that numerous persons were allowed to shuffle the girls around all through 1977 and into the 1980s and they were never located. The lead investigator resigned in the middle of the trial and was disgraced over various allegations of unethical behavior and ultimately was involved in a failed robbery and shootout at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas


  • Although the SBPD was accused of mis-conduct in the case this does not mean that independent evidence and witness testimony was/is without merit


  • Once charges were filed against the six primary suspects the sightings of the girls ceased


  • Brandi Jondell Summers is thought to have died (Cystic Fibrosis) or was murdered, she was last reportedly seen in the care of Lee Alan Casner in 1980 (per witness testimony) and it is believed that the girls were split up by this time


  • Tiffani Wise is thought to have had her name changed and/or was adopted or has assumed another name and is living within one of the involved families


  • Roy Summers was married (7) times and was arrested on numerous occasions for assualting his wives, and others. He was an alcoholic and became violent when drinking


  • In a final and unsettling twist, after Roy Summers was not convicted of the murder of Beverly Wise, due to reports of investigative misconduct, he and other accused sued the City of San Bernardino for $18,000,000 for malacious prosecution and settled the lawsuit for $400,000 (purportedly the amount of Summer's attorneys fees)


  • In the Summer of 1977 Juanita Estes Iwakiri contacted an Idaho adoption  attorney (Robert L. Aldridge - Boise) about adopting the girls (Tiffani and Brandi) because she felt her sister (Vivian Estes Casner) and Roy Summers were unfit and/or unable to care for Brandi, who required special medication and medical care. She further opined that her sisters boyfriend (Roy Summers) was violent and may harm the girls. The attorney declined to participate in the adoption. See the attached conversation (testimony) as told by attorney (Robert L. Aldridge) under oath to a Grand Jury. At some point thereafter, Juanita Estes Iwakiri is thought to have dropped the girls off at the Community Health Clinic (Terry Reilly Clinic) located in Nampa, ID where Brandi was attending special education classes and possibly receiving medical care from a Dr. Clarence McIntyre (per witness testimony) and Dr. Bob Lebow. Read the Robert Aldridge testimony at the tab below.


  • An Estes family member reports that Brandi Summers may have been concealed at Juanita Iwakiri's fathers (Earnest Estes) house, possibly known as "Brenda"


  • Juanita Iwakiri told investigators that she had both girls at her home day care center on NcKinney Street in Boise. Rebecca Boyer testified that she saw the girls there as well as seeing Mollie Casner and Roy Summers in the Iwakiri home


  • In 1977 the principles accused in this case were a "rough crowd" during the time and frequented areas from Sacramento/Grass Valley, CA through the mountains of Nevada County and into Nevada and Idaho. Also the San Jose/San Martin area and Southern CA.


  • In April of 1977 a Professional Psychic from Hollywood, CA (Bea Lydecker) is brought in to locate the missing girls. She "see's" the girls in a mud hut, in Tijuana Mexico. Claude Wise, Dona Howlet and the Psychic go to Tijuana, MX in search of the girls. No leads are generated and the girls are not located. The "Psychic" goes on to become a famous animal Psychic appearing on the Oprah, David Letterman and Johnny Carson shows.




The Wise Family

Beverly Marsh Wise


Beverly was born in Indiana on Jan. 3, 1951.


She married Roy Summers on 10 Apr 1971. She divorced Roy Summers in Oct of 1971. She married Claude Wise on 17 Jun 1973.


On Mar 30, 1977 an intruder or intruders entered her home and stabbed her in the chest with a knife. It is believed that Roy Summers committed this murder and possibly had an accomplice (Lee Allen Casner) with him or that Lee became involved at some point thereafter. Beverly was 26 years old.


Two of her 3 girls were kidnapped and never been found but are thought to have been concealed by the Casner, Summers and/or Iwakiri families.









Claude Wise


Mr. Claude Wise was married to Beverly Wise. He is the father of Stacy and Tiffany Wise and the step father of Brandi Jondell Summers.


While away at work, Beverly Wise was murdered in their home in San Bernardino, CA. Two of his daughters were kidnapped by the murderer or murderers (Tiffani and Brandi).


Stacy Wise, just 8 months old, was left unharmed.


Roy Albert Summers and Lee Allen Casner were charged with numerous felony counts related to this murder and kidnapping, as were others.


Claude is now retired and lives in Southern, CA.

Stacy Wise


The daughter of Beverly and Claude Wise. Stacy is the sister of Tiffani Wise and Brandi Summers and was only 8 months old at the time her mother was murdered.


The killer, believed to be Roy Albert Summers, (Beverlys ex-husband) left Stacy in the Wise home after killing her mother and kidnapping the other 2 girls. It is thought that Roy took the other 2 girls as they were witnesses to the murder, or could place Roy in the home the day of the murder, as they were old enough to tell the police or their father that Roy was there.


Stacy was left behind in the home to be later found by Claude upon his arrival home from work that day. 



Dona Marie Howlett

The mother of Claude Wise and Grandmother to Tiffani Wise, Stacy Wise and Brandi Summers. Mrs. Howlett has worked tirelessly tracking the girls and those that have concealed their whereabouts. Mrs. Howlett's efforts have led to the arrest of several of the persons shown above.


Mrs. Howlett has spent untold hours attending all the Court hearings and trials of those charged with the brutal murder of Beverly Wise and the kidnapping of her grand children. She has also provided assistance to ensure the content of this website is accurate and meaningful.


At age 82, she continues to this day to seek the whereabouts of Tiffani Wise and Brandi she has for 38 years.

Roy Albert Summers


Deceased- 2009

Lee Allen Casner


Deceased - 2014

Mollie Casner


Deceased - 2013

Juanita Iwakiri


Alive - 2014

Michael Iwakiri


Alive - 2014

Karen Carino Mastin


Alive - 2014

Capitol Murder - Kidnapping

Accessory To Murder - Concealing A Missing Child - Perjury

Anonymous Tips


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Their Mother Was Murdered By Roy Summers

The Girls Were Taken From Their Quiet Home And Concealed

The Girls May Have Been Murdered

Many Persons Had Ample Opportunity To Save These Girls




Abducted and Missing

Tiffani Claudette Wise

DOB 03-24-1975


Brandi Jondell Summers

DOB 01-02-1972


San Bernardino Sun
March 31st, 1977 / The Murder Headline

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The Primary Accused

Roy Summers & Lee Casner


The Cop

Donald J. Meyer


Where are they now?


Donald J. Meyer - now in his 70's....lives in Las Vegas, NV and is terminally ill.


Roy Summers and Lee Casner - due to hard living, a transient lifestyle, heavy drinking and smoking cigarettes both passed away at rather early ages. See obituaries above.

Tiffani Claudette Wise

DOB 03-24-1975


Brandi Jondell Summers

DOB 01-02-1972


Age Progression Rendering / Current Age: 40 Years

Photo taken age 18

Photo taken age 16

Photo taken age 25

Explosive End To One of The Longest and Most Expensive

Trials In County History -

On October 28th, 1982 the jury verdict is read in open Court. As the jury verdict is read (not guilty) Claude Wise stands and yells at the defendent; "...I'm going to get you Summers".


Roy Summers sits at the defendents table, smiling and elated in the jury's verdict. Roy shakes hands with each juror and thanks them for believing in him.

Age Progression Rendering / Current Age: 43 Years

Claude Wise


Roy Summers

Summers' Attorney Tim Guhin

The moment the verdict is read in Court.


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The Criminal Charges


The Bulletin Newspaper / Bend Oregon

May 14, 1981


Roy was arrested in Oregon for the attempted murder of his 7th wife (Ella Mae Kohler) about two years after the Wise murder and kidnapping of the girls in Riverside, CA. While in custody, a search of his home turned up numerous articles belonging to the missing girls. Due to the gross negligence of Riverside law enforcment they never asked for the inventory list of items (or the actual items) found in Roy's home and storage locker! Any jury would have found Roy Summers guilty if they had seen this evidence taken from his home. Found in Roy and Ella Summers home (attic) and a rented storage locker in Redmond, OR:


  • Suitcase with articles of Tiffani and Brandi's clothing*

  • Medical book (Mothers and Fathers Medical Encyclopedia)*

  • Jondell's prescription bottles (special Rx for digestion in CF patients)*

  • Cassette tape of Roy talking to a girl he addresses as Jondell*


      *These items were stolen from the home (murder scene) on the day of the murder and found          in Roy and Ella Kohler's home in November 1979. Only Roy Summers could have transported          the items to his home in Oregon.

Those persons named and depicted above in THE YELLOW BOX are listed in the official case files, and/or Court records, and/or historical print media, and/or are close relatives of accused persons, or were charged in connection with the murder of Beverly Wise and/or the kidnapping and unlawful concealment of Tiffani Claudette Wise and Brandi Jondell Summers, and/or were investigated as persons of interest and/or were suspected of having direct knowlege of the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls and/or the murder of Beverly Wise, and/or were questioned or gave testimony at a Grand Jury and/or Superior Court hearing, or are otherwise close to those involved and may have knowledge of the crimes. No inference as to the guilt or innocence is made with regards to any of the persons named or shown above, living or deceased. The scope of the information provided on this website is limited to a historical repository of data contained in law enforcement case files, Court testimony and/or other data as memorialized in print media and other sources regarding the Beverly Wise murder and kidnapping of Tiffani Wise and Brandi Summers. Note...Brandi Summers was known as "Jondell", her middle name. Tiffani Wise was sometimes referred to as Tiffany Wise (mis-spelled first name).


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After multiple arrests, felony charges and numerous sightings....the girls are still missing.


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Claude Wise and Stacy Wise Shortly after the murder and kidnapping -